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My blogging record has been shameful this year (I have a valid excuse, I promise!), but I have still been keeping up with reading the usual blogs I follow and this topic has been written about by a few: the original apparently came from The Teacher James in this awesome post for bloggers with writer’s block or this one on Tekhnologic, but I also came across it on, How I See It Now and My ELT Rambles.

So since I haven’t had time to sit still for a minute and think about classroom activities or do any research on theories in ELT, I thought this would be a good post to jump back into the blogging habit, even if only for a day.

Why did I start blogging?

For no particular reason, actually.

I think the original idea came when I decided I wanted to relive my TEFL journey and keep a record of my travels and my teaching experience. I love taking photos and I think it’s such a waste that all my photos are sitting lonelily (how’s that for a word?) on Dropbox when I can put them out there for the world to see. Plus, I really miss my days in Thailand, China and other places and this way I could pretend for a minute that I was back on my carefree adventures.

Then that morphed into making this blog a storage space for my classroom materials. I had been following TEFLtastic for a while and I liked the idea of having all of my materials, games and activities in one place so that I wouldn’t have to always shuffle through boxfuls of paper or my very disorganised Desktop to find whatever I was looking for.

What do I blog about?

Besides my old travelling tales and lesson ideas, I use the blog to note down my thoughts on whatever bits and pieces of ELT research I have been reading. Writing things down seems to help me order my thoughts and expand on my ideas – whenever I get any comments it’s always a bonus because they usually challenge me in some way.

How do I blog?

Usually wiIMG_20170107_202502th a cup of tea and a bag of jelly babies, with my mini dachshund puppy curled up somewhere nearby.

Often I will blog if I have thought of a new activity or if I have stumbled across something which could be used in the classroom. I blog for a living too so sometimes the research I do for that will spark an idea that can turn into something worthwhile (not always!). And, of course, many times I am inspired by reading someone else’s blog – because people are awesome and can have amazing thoughts and ideas which wouldn’t have otherwise occurred to me.

How often do I blog?

When I first started I was blogging every day because I was reliving my travelling heyday, but when I had dealt with all of my adventures and my blog became more about my everyday life, my posts started slowing down.

Then, earlier this year, this little man happened, 20170419_090657_HDR

so now I try to blog in between poo-namis and newborn metldowns, after I have wiped the milk vom from my keyboard. Oh, the glitz and glam of being a new mom.

I’ve also started a mommy blog (because there clearly aren’t enough of those around) so that takes up a bit of my time too. And I still try to earn a bit of a living.

So there you have it: a glimpse into my crazy life as a newmom/blogger/teacher/puppy-lover. You’re welcome.






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