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Game shows for the EFL classroom

Confession: This year seems to have run away with me. Since the end of last year I got sucked into that deep, dark hole of “making a living” and I just couldn’t find the time to be here.

Which is sad but it’s happened and it’s done and I can only hope that this pesky work stuff won’t interfere with my blogging too much this year!

Anyway, this year I am going to try do more of what seems to be popular on this blog: teaching resources and my travel posts. (Any and all requests welcome 🙂 )

Today I thought I’d share with you this handy resource from It even has PDFs for you to use, which is always a bonus.

I’m a big fan of game shows and as a result I find I often use them in the classroom (who says students have to have all the fun?), so finding this made me very happy. It’s a list of popular game shows (from The Weakest Link to Who Wants to be a Millionaire and loads more) and how you can use them in the EFL classroom.

If you’re finding the new year euphoria has worn off a little by now, take a chill and play some games in the classroom. You’ve got the rest of the year to worry about learning*.

*Just kidding**.

**Not really.


One comment on “Game shows for the EFL classroom

  1. Jack Mills
    May 9, 2017

    I just taught my kids to gamble with toy money in my class. For more fun in class game ideas go to – although it’s mostly for Teaching English in China.

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