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an open letter to all TEFL teachers

I’ve always been a big fan of the EFL community and I regularly read words of advice from other TEFL teachers and borrow ideas and resources for lessons, and what I love about this community is that we are all open to sharing and helping each other develop and grow as educators.

One such TEFL teacher is Carly Bishop. Carly is a TEFL teacher in Portugal  who has started a Facebook group to answer questions other TEFL teachers or wannabe teachers may have. It’s a great way to exchange information on an industry where things can be quite confusing.

Here she explains the purpose of the group in an open letter.

Worth checking out!


3 comments on “an open letter to all TEFL teachers

  1. nycteacherabroad
    June 13, 2016

    Hey Kirsten! I’m a licensed teacher here in he US. I’m looking to move abroad and teach. I was hired by public schools in the UAE but then suddenly dropped when their budgets changed. Any recommendations for a teacher with a family? I’m hoping to make some connections with other families living abroad. Thanks!

    • Kirsten C
      June 14, 2016

      Hi! Sorry to hear about the UAE. It’s a good option for families because they’re usually well looked after. I think some situations in the East offer benefits for families too. Hong Kong comes to mind. You should post this question on the FB group and you’ll probably find someone who knows more than I do! Good luck!

  2. tefltravelling
    June 14, 2016


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