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how TED Talks changed my life

Ok, so they didn’t really but they have definitely upped my game in the classroom.

I’ve always loved TED talks since I went to TEDx Cape Town a few years back. The whole idea of a truckload of short talks over one day really appealed to me and I wasn’t disappointed – though I was totally mentally exhausted by the end of it.

Then, just a few months ago I realised that it was not only me that would find TED talks fascinating and that they are great sources of material for our EFL classrooms.

So the first TED lesson I did was for an IELTS class which I found on Linguahouse. It was based on the TED talk by Topher White who explains how your used cell phones can be used to prevent illegal logging in the rainforests.

Here’s the video, if you are interested:

It worked amazingly well.

And then I discovered TED-Ed and realised I could make lessons myself by searching for whatever topic would interest my class. It’s very easy and quick and once it’s done you’ll have a nifty little lesson up your sleeve.

If you’re wondering just how exactly you can create such magic, here’s a useful how-to video from Nik Peachey:



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