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rad classroom games from Jimmy Fallon

I love watching TV talk shows and often when I watch them I think the games they do would work so well in the EFL classroom. They are usually word games or plays on English and are usually funny (when they work).

Jimmy Fallon has quite a few of these games which would be perfect for our EFL learners. They are great games for pairs but they could also be done gameshow-style with everyone watching as a pair plays – so everyone can benefit from the humour.

NOTE: these gameshowscan be quite rude so while the topics aren’t suitable for the classroom, the ideas are.

3 word stories

In pairs, the students tell a story by each saying three words. However, for each round one person is given a card with a random word on which they must try to make their partner say.

Though this isn’t the best example (disappointing, Benedict), here’s how it works:

Word Sneak

Each person is given a card with 5 random words on it. They must have a conversation and try to incorporate those words into the conversation as naturally as possible. The goal is to see who can use all their words.

Here’s a great example from the legendary Ricky Gervais:


Of course, it helps if you have a creative class and it’ll be really important that your class has a good rapport with each other so they won’t mind making fun of themselves or being silly.

Try them out and let me know if they work 🙂


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