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FREE TEFL course

If you’re thinking of taking a break from life and becoming a TEFL teacher or if you are just a bit curious about all these TEFL teachers and their fabulous lives, FutureLearn and Cambridge English Language Assessment have teamed up to offer a free course:

Exploring the world of English language teaching

I’ve done a few courses through both FL and CELS and found them all to be awesome.

And it’s free!




2 comments on “FREE TEFL course

  1. Al
    January 11, 2017

    Hi! If I complete this course, would I still need to do the TEFL one (its so expensive ahhh) ??

    Or can I use this free course to teach abroad?

    Al xo

  2. Kirsten C
    January 11, 2017

    Hi Al

    This course is more of an introduction to TEFL, a bit of background. It doesn’t actually cover any of the theory that you would on a TEFL course. It might be a good idea to do it to see if you want to spend your money on a TEFL course!

    Good luck!

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