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the comparative game that’s better than any other OR the best superlative game ever

So this is basically ‘my dad’s bigger than your dad’ in the EFL classroom.

Get your students to brainstorm any object or adjective on the board. This can be a really free activity and you may end up with some very interesting yet completely unrelated words. Give your students some time to relate the words to themselves and to put them in a comparative form.

In other words, if your board brainstorm looks like this:


then you can expect students to come up with sentences like:

My mother is 73. She’s quite old.

I have the iPhone 6S. It’s very expensive.

Angola is very hot in summer.

Once they have come up with a number of sentences, they can compare with partners in groups.[This works especially well with buzz groups.] Each student must then try to one-up the other students by using comparatives –

My mother is 84 – she’s older than your mother.

until eventually the class will be able to produce superlative facts about each other.

An alternative version is for students to come up with superlative sentences and see who “wins”:

The hottest country I’ve ever been to is Qatar. It was 55 degrees.

Even though these sound like simple activities, if you set them up enthusiastically enough, the competitiveness factor should make for very interesting (and heated) discussions.


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