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Reverse Reading – a quick approach to prepping Conversation classes

Though my reading lessons generally tend to look like this anyway, it’s always good to pay more attention to why we do things the way we do, and look at how we can do it even better. I could definitely get more out of the strategy if I put a bit more thought into it.

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

Q: When is a conversation lesson not a conversation lesson?

A: When it’s actually a reading lesson with some discussion questions tacked on for the last ten minutes.

**A common approach to conversation lessons is that the teacher, or students, brings in an article or text as a prompt. It makes for a lesson with more structure than just trying to chat for an hour, which is a challenge for long term classes, and provides a source of new vocabulary.

Mr Chatterbox is what you want in class, not Mr Read and Respond. Mr Chatterbox is what you want in class, not Mr Read and Respond.

The bad news for falling back on a text as a prompt is reading and understanding the text ends up dominating the lesson. This dominance proliferates even though many of us would agree that students often ask for speaking practice above everything else. It’s not conversation about the topic that then follows, it’s responding to the text…

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