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summer lovin’

Last week, Cape Town experienced her hottest day in a century. Temperatures hit 43 degrees Celsius, and stepping out from the aircon turned you into a sweaty mess immediately. It was AMAZING. I enjoy heat and that day really reminded me of summertimes in Thailand. With summer came sweat, beach days, cold beers and opportunities for teaching of a different kind: summer camps.

Summer camps are a great way to earn a little extra money on the side (as long as your school is ok with it). They take place not only in summer but also on weekends throughout the year – Thailand has loads of public holidays and Thai parents seem to enjoy sending their kids away at every available opportunity. The kids absolutely love it and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t.

The camps are usually at a very nice resort at a beach or in a national park; I’ve known Bangkok camps to go to Chiang Mai and Singapore. There is always enough food to feed a small army. The activity leaders/teachers are on duty pretty much all day, which means the kids get plenty of attention and there are always loads of activities throughout the day.

It’s great for the teachers too. Usually there’ll be a few English lessons during the day and the rest of the time is spent on activities – games, talent shows, sing-alongs. It can quite OTT but if you can get over that and have a laugh at yourself, then it’s great. You are experiencing a resort that you’ll probably never have found otherwise, the food is all sugar and chocolate milk and amazingness and you get paid while not having to spend anything on expenses. Genius.

During the summer, it’s possible to work back-to-back camps and camps which are 5 days long, so you could work an entire month easily without having to pay for rent and food. It is exhausting, though, and there were a few times I had to turn down a camp just so I could sleep, but generally camps are definitely worth the effort.


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