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where to teach part 2

…in China? The usual suspects:

* language schools                              paid hourly, lots of international chains

* private or government schools          often includes accommodation (possibly on school grounds)

1 year contracts can include flights

* universities

* summer schools                                 usually teaching school students in a school/university

not your usual summer camp

Salaries you can expect anywhere from RMB6 000 to RMB14 000, so it’s not the most lucrative of Asian countries but if you consider that a lot of things are included, it’s a pretty good deal.

Before you accept a position, do some research on where you are going. China is a really big country and it has a lot of different aspects to it. For first-time China-goers I would recommend going to a big city. The more remote areas can be beautiful but they can be quite rough to get used to, if you are not used to that kind of thing. From the major cities it’s very easy to travel to smaller towns/villages on the weekends.

Make sure your work visa is organised – by yourself, your agent or your school. Our agent conveniently wasn’t able to organise our work visa which meant a trip to Hong Kong every second weekend for a renewal.

Make no mistake, China can be difficult. It can be different to what you know in so many ways, but, as the ancient Chinese proverb goes: Everything is difficult, before it is easy. Or: One man’s disaster is another man’s delight.

Rest assured, whatever happens, there’s an ancient Chinese proverb for it.


One comment on “where to teach part 2

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    February 14, 2015

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