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I’m sure if you have been teaching for a while, you have looked at a coursebook and realised it just doesn’t fit exactly with what you need. So you change it or you make something completely new to plug the gap. I’ve done this too many times to count and sometimes, you need to do something for a long time before you realise there’s a much easier way of doing things, usually because someone points out the obvious. I’m not very good with obvious, a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

Like today I found out some things that people probably already knew about when computers were the size of houses, but I just didn’t think about it. So I thought I’d post it in case there are others out there like me.

When planning lessons or making materials, I often use pictures. I use Google, find the perfect picture, and then I panic about copyright and use some random free image site. Not once have I thought that I could use Google to help me with my search and save me from copyright infringement. So simple and so much easier.

Thank you to Russell Stannard of for the following tutorials:



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