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So there I was, 21, recent graduate, TEFL course under my belt, unemployed. Imagine being so young that those were  the most exciting days.

Each day I basked in my newfound freedom, the endless opportunities running constantly through my head, defiantly ignoring my dwindling bank balance. Each day I dreamt of the many (thousands!) of grateful students I would meet, whose lives I would change for the better, one phrasal verb at a time. Each day I went to the bookshop (yes, this was a long time ago) and looked at all the pretty travel guides.

Where to go, where to go? While I may have thought there were countless countries for me to grace with my presence, financial and visa issues soon made me realise there was only one really good option: Thailand.

At that time, I could apply for a work visa from Cape Town without a job in sight and they welcomed me with open arms and promises of pad thai. These days I’m sure there are a few more hurdles to jump over to get there (as there are for most countries) but in the good old days of 2003, Thailand was my oyster.

I enlisted the companionship of two adventurous friends, spent all my savings on a ticket and said my goodbyes to anyone who cared. We don’t need to say goodbye, I told them, I’ll be back in a year.

Thankfully, I was wrong yet again.


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