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There are many TEFL courses in existence in this world. It might seem like an easy decision to choose between a 4-week full-time marathon or a weekend online walk in the park, but your should remember that in TEFL your qualification is only as good as what it says on your certificate. It’s always a bit odd when a wannabe teacher is keen for a teaching course with no teaching in it : you may have an amazing personality but prospective employees want experience. You can’t claim to be a teacher unless you have taught.

Anyway, I digress.

The TEFL is tough. You are dealing with a lot of theory, grammatical structures you didn’t know existed and overcoming your fear of public speaking – all at the same time. You’re in class 9 – 5 (learning, teaching or observing) and afterhours you spend all your time planning for your lessons for the next day or writing the first of a kajillion lesson plans, the majority of which will never see the inside of a classroom. The instructors are tough too and sometimes not very nice, but I don’t blame them when I think about the amount of cringe-worthy lessons they probably have to sit through.

Some people cry, some drop out, and some go back to their old jobs. Others discover an unknown passions for language and language learning and can’t wait to crack open that first English coursebook.

It’s all worth it in the end when you are given that shiny new certificate. It’s your official ticket to freedom and endless possibility.

Next stop: Bangkok…


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